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Килдаредегі жазғы барбекю негіздері

That time of year is coming around fast where the smell of barbeques is lingering in the air and the factor 50 is lashed on generously. Here at Into Kildare we know the sun can come and go very quickly so when there’s an opportunity to whip out the barbeque, you have to act fast. Because of this, we have created your go to list for all BBQ essentials in Kildare which are of premium quality and saves you the stress when the sun shines.


Джонстаун бақша орталығы


First things first, you need your barbeque. Look no further than family owned and run business, Джонстаун бақша орталығы located on the outskirts of Naas. They have a vast selection on ұсыну so you are sure to find the perfect one for you. As well as some fantastic barbeques, they also have pizza ovens too!


Nolan's Butchers



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A firm favourite amongst locals in Kildare, Nolan’s of Kilcullen pride themselves for their good quality good and local produce. Be sure to pick up all your ingredients for your barbeque in Nolan’s and impress all your guests with some fantastic food from Kildare.


Жасылға аққулар


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We can all agree that the best part of a barbeque is often the sides and salads. Аққулар are renowned for their made fresh everyday sourdough bread rolls, delicate pastries and cakes and lest we forget their impressive deli and salad counter.




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Let’s get the cobwebs off that BBQ! Firecastle offer a mouth watering summer selection including:
Burgers & Buns
🔥Pork Belly strips with Pineapple
🔥Chicken Tika skewers
🔥Prawn & Chorizo skewers
🔥Romesco Baby Potatoes
🔥Sweet Potato wedges
🔥Halloumi harissa skewers
Тағы көп !!


Жалаңаш шарап компаниясы


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When the sun shines, a refreshing drink to enjoy outside is an essential. Жалаңаш шарап компаниясы are specialists in all things wine and provide all tasting hints and tips you can impress your friends and family at your barbeque! They also offer some brilliant case deals so you can provide great wine that won’t break the bank. They also offer lots of non alcoholic wines so there is truly some thing for everyone.

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