Kildare Town Heritage Trail - IntoKildare

Килдаре Таун мұрасы

Kildare has been at the heart of Irish history for millenia. This trail with free to download audioguide and audio-visual guide, will lead you around the wonderful Heritage Town of Kildare.

Kildare’s origins stretch into the distant past. Overlooking the Curragh to the south-east stands Dún Áilinne, the seasonal home for a series of ancient Leinster Kings, and the legendary band of ancient warriors, the Fianna, hunted over the plains of the Curragh. It is with the arrival of St. Brigid that this area became famous throughout the Christian world.

Kildare became a key base for the Norman invaders and their famous leader Strongbow. In its later history, the town became a venue for aristocratic horse racing enthusiasts, and a vital stage in Ireland’s first great motor race.

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Bride Street, Кильдаре, Килдаре округі, Ирландия.

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