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Kathleen’s Kitchen in Carton House is located in the old servant’s kitchen. The setting retains many original features including the vast cast iron stoves of the 1700s. This was a place where cooks and servants once created the finest dishes and where there was always a hustle and bustle of activity.

Visit Kathleen’s Kitchen for lunch or an evening meal and sample the true taste of Ireland with the finest locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. The food served is fresh and wholesome with explosive flavours and comforting nourishment. Irish oysters, cheeses and charcuterie, pasta and fresh organic sourdough are just a selection of the dishes to be found in Kathleen’s Kitchen. Live cooking demonstrations add to this sense of discovery and excitement, bringing you into the heart of the action.

To dine at Kathleen’s Kitchen is a real experience, and a feast for all the senses. It’s a place where a cup of coffee or a wholesome meal is an event in itself, something to be shared with friends, family, and your fellow guests.

Come to Kathleen’s Kitchen and discover a dining experience with a difference

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жөніндегі нұсқаулық алу
Майноу, Килдаре округі, W23 TD98, Ирландия.

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Түскі ас: 12.00-2.30
Кешкі ас: 5.30-9.30